According to a recent article, construction job openings soared in January 2024 marking over a 40% increase from the same period in 2023. Essentially there were approximately 120,000 more construction job openings at the end of January 2024 than 2023. Quit rates have lowered but apparently layoffs have increased. Essentially, jobs are open

What is zoning and how does it work?

In simple terms, zoning refers to a city’s ability to regulate property owners’ use of their land within its corporate boundaries. For instance, a city may prohibit commercial accessory uses within its residential districts, thereby prohibiting at-home businesses. Failing to comply with a city’s zoning regulations can

NASA’s Exploration Park development has taken another step forward.  The American Center for Manufacturing and Innovation (ACMI) and its ACMI Properties affiliate have agreed to lease 207 of the NASA development’s 240 acres.  ACMI’s development will be known as the Space Systems Campus and is intended for both commercial and space defense manufacturing.  ACMI

If an owner or general contractor fails to timely pay on a project, you may be entitled to prompt pay interest. Prompt payment acts are intended to deter late payments by general contractors and owners by enabling contractors and suppliers to pursue additional remedies including penalty interest, attorneys’ fees and suspension of performance.

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In residential construction, the recent legislative amendments to Chapter 27 of the Texas Property Code (the Residential Construction Liability Act or the “RCLA”) have garnered significant attention in the industry, and understandably so as there were many important tweaks for Texas homebuilders made by the Texas Legislature.  Often overlooked are the Texas Legislature’s amendments to

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Construction companies spend countless hours drafting agreements requiring indemnification and insurance for their projects. These obligations are prevalent for all tiers of construction industry members— from subcontractors and suppliers, to project owners. The purpose of this article is to address some considerations in anticipation of a claim

If you have been around Texas construction in the past decade, you’ve no doubt heard about a foreman shopping his crew around. You’ve probably worried about a key superintendent or project manager taking his skills to your competitor. Maybe you have lost sleep over an estimator with a LinkedIn profile that says he is immediately

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In James Construction Group, LLC v. Westlake Chemical Corporation, the Texas Supreme Court clarified the standard necessary to satisfy notice provisions in a construction contract.  The Court’s opinion reached two key holdings: (1) substantial compliance is sufficient to satisfy a party’s obligation under a contractual notice requirement; (2) however, if the